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Prescription Drug information
Monday, October 20, 2014
Dear Shenandoah High School Parents and Guardians,

We write this notification to bring awareness to prescription drug abuse in teenagers and to emphasize your role as a parent/guardian in being proactive with your teen. Teen prescription drug abuse occurs when a young person takes a prescription medication, prescribed for someone else, for a non-medical use. Teens often get their hands on prescription drugs right in their own homes - from a parent or relative’s medicine cabinet, drawer or kitchen cupboard. Sixty-four percent of teens (age 12-17) who have abused prescription pain relievers say they got them from friends or relatives.

Based on the most recent Iowa Youth Survey, 17% of Iowa youth find that prescription medications are easy to get and 11% found them very easy. More specifically, 20% of students in Page County find prescription drugs east to get and 12% find them very easy.

Research shows that teens who learn about the risks of drugs from their parent or guardian are up to 50 percent less likely to try drugs.

Here are some facts for you to consider: 1 in 4 teens has taken a prescription drug that was not prescribed to them by a doctor.

Every day, 2,500 teens take a prescription pain reliever for a non-medical use for the first time.

More teens abuse prescription medications than illegal drugs, except marijuana.

Prescription drug abuse poses serious risks to teens:
Abusing prescription medications is not safer than taking illegal “street” drugs like cocaine or heroin.
Teen prescription drug abuse can result in addiction,as well as other health issues, and can be fatal.
Mixing prescription drugs with alcohol and illegal drugs is particularly dangerous and can be fatal.
Teen prescription drug abuse can impact a young person’s developing brain and good judgement, their relationships with family and friends, and academic performance.

Take Action Now
Create a Safe Environment
Know what’s in your medicine cabinet
Properly dispose of unused or expired medications
Secure all prescription medications in a safe place
Educate family and friends (especially grandparents)

Notice Common Signs of Abuse
Physical and psychological changes
Changes in academic performance
Pills missing from the medicine cabinet
Talk to Your Teens
Be open and non-judgemental
Communicate regularly
Talk about the dangers of prescription drug abuse

We invite you as parents to consider this information and educate your teens. Information from this notification is part of a program titled SmartMovesSmartChoices.org.

We appreciate your consideration of this matter and encourage you to contact me or Mrs. Hilding with suggestions, concerns, or questions. Kind regards, Ms. Laughlin RN, High School Nurse and Mrs. Hilding, High School Principal
Social Media update
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Shenandoah High School is working on improving its social media outreach.

Many groups have accounts on Facebook and Twitter already, but we would like to continue to promote the academic and extracurricular activities for all of SHS.

Please like the Shenandoah High School Facebook page as well as follow on Twitter @ShenandoahHS.
These accounts will be updated and maintained by students involved in the Shenandoah News Team and the Student Council.

Any questions, please let me know! Thanks! Jennifer Cole, Social Science Teacher
New Year-New Changes For Teen Drivers
Wednesday, January 01, 2014
During the 2013 session of the Iowa General Assembly, Senate File 115 was passed that made amendments to the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL). The changes take place as of January 1, 2014. It is important that you take a few minutes to read about the changes.

The changes will affect transition from the instruction permit to the intermediate license, intermediate license passenger restrictions and minor school license passenger restrictions.

Please click here to read the letter from the Department of Transportation.

Information concerning these changes can also be viewed at www.iowadot.gov
Chat Mobility School Rebate Program
Thursday, May 16, 2013
Chat Mobility is offering a school rebate program. Participating school will receive a 2.5% cash rebate on enrolled member's monthly service fee. It doesn't cost you a thing!

Click here for more information.
Updating Student Information Made Easy!
Saturday, February 02, 2013
Do you have a change of address, email or a phone number? The district has made it easier for you to notify the school of such changes by allowing you to go the school website and select the "Parents" link in the upper right hand corner under "Quick Links." Once you have selected the "Parents" link you can change you information by selecting the "PowerSchool-Update Contact Info" link.

For further information click here.
Weather Notification Information
Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Inclement Weather

When school is canceled because of inclement weather prior to the start of the school day, students and parents are notified over KMA radio (960 AM), Omaha television stations, and through the SchoolMessenger Parent Notification System. Please check these sources before calling the school. The missed day will be made up by adding it to the end of the school year.

If school is dismissed because of inclement weather after the school day has begun, parents are notified by the same means.

Extracurricular activities or practices scheduled for the day or evening of a day when school is canceled or dismissed early are generally canceled or rescheduled. The principal/athletic director may determine whether to hold extracurricular activities or practices. If the extracurricular activity is to be held, students and parents are notified over KMA Radio (AM 960).

School Closings and Athletic Practices

Student activities are a vital part of the total educational program and should be used as a means for developing good human relations and wholesome activities as well as knowledge and skills. The health, safety, and welfare of the students participating in student activities shall be foremost in the minds of those directing such activities and responsible for such activities. In the interest of student welfare and safety, the following procedures shall be followed during times of school closings due to inclement weather, emergency situations, etc.

A. Superintendent closes school all day – Superintendent and Athletic Director and/or Principal shall determine if practices are to be conducted in the afternoons.

B. Superintendent dismisses school early or notifies of a late start:

1. Superintendent and Athletic Director and/or Principal shall determine if practices are to be conducted in the afternoons.

2. Unsafe road conditions: There will be no high school classes, practices or activities. All students are to be released from school and return to their homes immediately. If school has a late start because of the weather there will be NO high school classes, practices or activities. If it is a late start this means nothing until school starts at 10:00.

Contracted Contests

1. School closed all day -- The athletic director shall be responsible for any postponements, cancellations and rescheduling of contracted contests. The building principal shall be responsible for decisions on postponements, cancellations, and rescheduling of other events and activities.

2. School dismissed early -- The superintendent shall be responsible for canceling all activities and/or events. The athletic director and/or Principal shall notify the contracted parties, news media, transportation director, and others as the need arises of the cancellation. In addition, he shall be responsible for rescheduling the canceled events and activities.
High School Counselor Page Updated
Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Please find information regarding testing, scholarships, college visits, & other important dates on the updated webpage.
Driver Test iPad application
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
The Iowa Department of Transportation has some very exciting news for students that are preparing to apply for their learner’s permit. They have released a new app – “Ia Driver Test for iPad” – this is a practice test for the knowledge test that students must take to get their learner’s permit. The app generates 15 questions at a time, chosen randomly from 69 total questions that include questions from the real knowledge test given at any Iowa driver’s license station. Users can repeat the test as often as they like and it will generate new combinations of questions and track their high scores.

The Iowa Department of Transportation suggest the app be used as a practice aide after studying the Iowa Driver’s Manual and encourage parents to use the app with their children and use the app as an opportunity to discuss safe driving rules and strategies.

The free app is available to download to iPads through the iTunes Store; search for “IA Driver Test for iPad.” Currently, the app is only compatible with iPad, however, the Iowa Department of Transportation is already working toward making it accessible through other tablets and other mobile platforms.
Daily Bulletin
Thursday, February 16, 2012
If you would like to view the Middle School or High School daily bulletin, please log on to your Powerschool account, by going to http://shenandoah.powerschool.com and click the link to the Daily Bulletin. By logging into Powerschool, you can also view your child's grades and attendance, as well as, set your preferences in order to receive emails regarding your child's progress. You may also set your preferences in order to receive a daily email of the bulletin. If you need help logging in to Powerschool, please call your child's school and we will be glad to help you.


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